Jury Department

Your Service to Your Country, to Arizona & the Pinal County Judicial System as a Juror

The right to “a Jury of One’s Peers” sits at the cornerstone of the American justice system. Do you know how important Jury Service is to everyone? It is the collaboration of the jury and the Judge who put our guaranteed rights under the Constitution of the United States into practice.

It is a vital duty and privilege to serve on a jury, because jurors perform a unique role in the American system of justice. The juror serves to decide the facts within the criminal and civil justice system, while the judge looks at the rule of law.

Your Participation is Extremely Important and Essential to the Process

The Clerk of the Superior Court, Rebecca Padilla, takes her duty as the Pinal County Jury Commissioner very seriously and is proud to discharge that duty. Our founding fathers knew how vitally important jury service is to our entire justice system and every defendant in a jury trial depends on the honesty and fairness of his or her peers to judge the facts of the case.

The consequences of the jury’s verdict can carry financial, long-term, and in some cases lifelong ramifications to the person facing trial. Clerk Padilla hopes that you, as a citizen and resident of Pinal County, will understand that while Jury Service can be an inconvenience to our daily routine, it is one of the highest calls to duty in our Republic. Jurors have the unparalleled reward of upholding the justice system.  If you should have any questions regarding your Jury Service, please call the Jury Department at 888-431-1311.

Jury Service in Arizona: Your Right, Your Responsibility.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Pinal County Jury Department is to be distinguished visionaries in the delivery of exceptional customer service to the citizens of Pinal County, the Bench, the Arizona Bar our Justice Partners and all other courts within Pinal County.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Pinal County Jury Department to maintain a viable jury pool while upholding the laws for qualifying citizens of Pinal County to participate in the judicial system via jury trials, to provide a pleasant and educational judicial experience for potential jurors and to deliver an efficient and timely selection process for all jurors and the bench.

Reporting Juror Information

You must call 1-800-454-2979 after 6 pm the night before you are scheduled to appear to verify any changes in reporting dates and times. Please listen to the entire recording. You will be identified by group number. Please bring your Jury Summons with you on the day of selection. You will be asked to scan your barcode for attendance at one of our electronic Kiosks.

Biographical Form

Download, Fill Out, Print and Bring in the Fillable Biographical Form (It is recommended to download this form to your computer and use Adobe Reader to fill in the form. Printing the form is optional and available as a convenience. If you are unable to print the form or the option is not compatible with your computer, a form will be provided to you on the day of selection.)

No Photography / Video Recording

No Photography / No Video Recording in a Courthouse and other Court Facilities per Arizona Supreme Court Rule 122.1.


If you have questions about Jury Service, a request to be excused, or would like to email a completed medical excuse form: Send an email to the Pinal Jury Department. Requests sent to any other email addresses cannot be processed. Thank you!

(The Jury Department will only contact you if your request is not granted)