Jury Questionnaire

Public Notice from Jury Commissioner Rebecca Padilla

It's That Time Again!

Jury Questionnaires are being mailed out on April 3, 2023. Juror names are drawn randomly twice a year from lists received from the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division and Pinal County Voter Registration. If you are randomly selected as a member of the jury pool, you will receive a jury questionnaire.

Approximately 20,000 Jury Questionnaires are mailed to those individuals whose names are randomly drawn. If you receive a Jury Questionnaire you are being considered for jury service. However, this is not a summons for jury duty, and you are not being called to report at this time.

The questionnaire is used to obtain information about you to determine whether you are qualified to serve as a prospective juror. It is important all questions on the questionnaire are answered and returned to the Court within 10 days of receipt.

You can easily complete the questionnaire online by using the QR Code located on the back of your questionnaire or mail it back to our office postage paid. If you complete the questionnaire online, please do not complete and mail the paper questionnaire to the Court. If completed online, you may discard the paper questionnaire. We encourage all prospective jurors to fill out the questionnaire

Did You Receive a Jury Questionnaire?

Scan the QR Code on your Questionnaire

Why Scan the QR Code?Jury Questionnaire QR Code

  • Save time and resources
  • Can be completed on the go
  • Avoid penalty of law, if completed within the required 10 days

If you complete your Questionnaire online, there is no need to mail in the form.

  • You have two options for completing this Jury Questionnaire
    • Option One – Go online to our Jury Web Solution, use this option if you answered all of questions 6 through 14 with a “No” answer.
    • Option Two – Fill out the questionnaire and return via the United States Postal Service, this option must be used answering any of questions 6 through 14 with a “Yes” answer, as supporting documentation is required. Please Note: The Jury Department is only required to keep supporting documentation for a period of ninety (90) days. After the ninety (90) days has expired all supporting documentation is appropriately disposed of. Supporting documentation is required with each new mailing.
  • Questionnaire must be completed in its entirety. Provide supporting documentation if necessary. The answers provided will determine if you qualify to be a potential juror.
  • If the person to whom the questionnaire was addressed is deceased, check the box on the front of the questionnaire labeled – Addressee is deceased, and return it in the mail.
  • If the person to whom the questionnaire was addressed has moved, please check the box on the front of the questionnaire labeled – Addressee has moved and return it in the mail.
  • If the Jury Questionnaire was sent to a person currently on active duty in the military, please check the box on the front of your questionnaire labeled – addressee is active duty in the U.S. Armed forces and return it by mail.
  • All questions are to be answered by checking the “Yes” or “No” box.
  • If answered “Yes” to question number 4, please answer “Yes” or “No” to the question “Have your civil rights been restored” before continuing to Question number 5.
  • If answered “Yes” to questions 6 through 14, documentation will need to be provided in order to verify answers.
  • Please do not contact the Jury Department to verify qualifications or disqualifications as a potential juror. If qualified to serve, each potential juror will receive a summons by mail. The summons will indicate the appearance date, time and location.