Message from the Presiding Judge Honorable Joseph R. Georgini

"I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution”.  -Thomas Jefferson

Honorable Joseph R. GeorginiThe American jury trial is a constitutional right. In fact, the founding fathers believed that the right to be tried by a jury of your peers was so important that it is contained within Amendments 6 and 7 of the Bill of Rights. 

Jury trials provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in the process of governing, and our democracy allows its citizens to have a voice in how we govern ourselves whether in the ballot box or jury box. 

Serving on a jury is an impactful way for citizens to connect to the constitution because it ensures that the community plays its part in the justice system. If you are selected to serve on a jury, you will play an active role in the administration of justice. 

The jury trial is also a vital part of America’s system of checks and balances. “Checks and balances” means that the judicial branch of government is equal to the other two branches (executive and legislative) and the courts can overturn laws or acts of government that violate constitutional rights. Our system of checks and balances requires a strong judicial branch. A strong judicial branch requires a healthy jury trial option. Jury service is your chance to have a voice in the judicial branch of government. 

On behalf of the Pinal County Superior Court, we had the good fortune to work with so many wonderful people throughout the years who have served as jurors, and in doing so, having provided the citizens of our county with one of the most important civic duties available to those of us who live in a free society. 

The jury system was created to ensure the rights of all citizens. Whether that jury is convened for a criminal or civil matter, the jurors speak for the community at large. Without them, our system of justice could not be sustained. And so, to those who have served us in the past, we extend our gratitude and deepest thanks. For those who will serve in the future, we are confident that you will also fulfill the duties of juror with distinction.