Obtain Professional Bail Bond Agent I.D. Card

Accepting Hours & Locations

  • Affidavits for Professional Bondsman are accepted Monday-Friday from the hours of 8 am until 3:30 pm.
  • Affidavits for Professional Bondsman are submitted in our Florence Office location only at:
    971 Jason Lopez Circle 
    Building A
    Florence AZ 85132.

Requirements for Issuance of Professional Bondsman I.D. Card

  • The Applicant is required to submit an original Affidavit, original Power of Attorney along with the Professional Bondsman Information Sheet.
  • If a Power of Attorney has been previously filed for the Applicant with Pinal County Superior Court, a new Power of Attorney is not required.
  • A new Power of Attorney is only required if their Power of Attorney is with a new company.
  • If the Power of Attorney contains multiple appointments, an original must be submitted for the Applicant applying.
  • The Professional Bondsman Information Sheet and Affidavit must be completed in full with the Affidavit being notarized prior to submitting to the Superior Court for processing.
  • Two (2) passport photos are required. Passport photos may be obtained at any Walgreens, Wal-Mart or Costco locations.
  • Professional Bondsman Affidavits are renewed annually.

Required Fees

  • Filing Fee for Affidavit for Professional Bondsman: $30.00
  • Filing Fee for Power of Attorney (if applicable): $30.00
  • Total: $60.00

The filing fee may be paid by cash, money order, credit card, Visa/Master Card, personal check with card holder/check holder’s valid ID. Checks and Money Orders are to be made payable to: Clerk of the Superior Court

Additional Information

Pinal County Registered Qualified Bail Bond Agent Report (PDF)

  • Applicant will submit the Affidavit for Professional Bondsman, Professional Bondsman Information Guide Sheet, and filing fees to window (8).
  • Clerk will then verify with the Arizona Department of Insurance Licensing that Applicant’s insurance license was issued. For more information on license information visit the Arizona Department of Insurance website.
  • Clerk will then process Affidavit for Professional Bondsman and Power of Attorney (if applicable). Clerk will assign a case number and process filing fees. A receipt will be provided to Applicant.
  • Clerk will then enter all case information in to database.
  • Clerk will then prepare the Applicants Professional Bondsman I.D. Card.
  • Clerk will collect Applicants signature on Professional Bondsman I.D. Card.
  • Applicant is then provided Professional Bondsman I.D. Card same day.