About Us

Vision Statement

To be a recognized leader and to consistently deliver exceptional service to the Public, the Bench, the Arizona Bar and our Justice Partners.

Excellence in all. Excellence by all.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Clerk of the Superior Court to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the judicial records of the Pinal County Superior Court, to manage all resources ethically and efficiently, to facilitate access to Justice, to promote innovation in all we do, and to increase trust and confidence by providing professional, respectful customer service in the most transparent way possible.

COSC Office

The office of the Clerk of the Superior Court was established by the Arizona Constitution as an elected official to serve as the official record keeper and financial officer for the Superior Court. Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS), the Supreme Court and Local Court Rules all clearly define the duties and functions of this office. Some of the functions and duties are:

Administrator of Court Records & Exhibits

All documents presented in Superior Court must be processed and secured by the office of the Clerk. Documents must also be purged according to statutory time constraints and archival standards. The Clerk must identify the changing needs of records management programs to ensure the best interest of all parties are served. She is committed to paper-on-demand as a concept and looks for the digitization of records to be the norm.

Jury Commissioner

A core duty for the Clerk is to serve as the Jury Commissioner. The Jury Commissioner oversees the viability of the Juror Pool so that all courts, Grand Jury, and other case types are adequately managed. The importance of being able to serve the judiciary in this capacity cannot be overstressed. Our system of justice has a foundational cornerstone that allows one to be tried “by a jury of one’s peers.”

Financial/Fiduciary Officer of the Courts

The Clerk’s office receives, records, invests and disburses all statutory fees, fines, reimbursements, restitution and public/custodial trust funds as ordered by the court. It is anticipated that over $6 million will pass through the protection and care of the Clerk this year.

Judicial & Quasi-Judicial Officer

The Clerk issues writs, subpoenas, wage assignments and other court-related orders, serving in a quasi-judicial capacity. The Clerk is also appointed as a Probate Registrar and performs limited judicial functions within that role.

Ex-Officio Clerk of the Superior Court

Statute requires the Clerk’s presence at all court sessions. This is to ensure that the Clerk or her designees can receive and record court documents an exhibits establishing an independent record of court proceedings. In this role, the Clerk is responsible for ensuring proper documentation of court action – as well as public access to court records.

Elected Department Administrator

The Clerk of the Court has the responsibility to establish best business practices and office policies. She must manage the budget given by the funding authority (the Board of Supervisors) and ensure that all procedures are handled in accordance with the Superior Court, the Supreme Court and Pinal County Policies and Procedures.