How do I clear my record and get my rights restored?

A first-time offender, convicted of a single felony count, does not need to petition the court for restoration of civil rights. Civil rights are automatically restored upon successful completion of all aspects of sentencing, including payment of all court ordered fines, fees and restitution. The right to possess firearms requires petitioning the sentencing court. The Judge will determine whether or not to grant the request. If the party served time in prison, two years must have passed since the date of absolute discharge before becoming able to file for restoration of civil rights. To restore civil rights, the party may apply to the sentencing court to vacate the judgment of guilt, dismiss charges and/or restore civil rights in Arizona.

Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court currently provides a packet with instructions and forms to petition to restore your civil rights. Access the Restoration of Civil Rights Application Packet (PDF).

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