I have exhibits for my trial and/or hearing, how do I submit them to the court?
  1. All exhibits must be accompanied by a description list. The list must include the case number, name of the party presenting the exhibit(s), case caption (i.e. Doe vs. Doe) and the hearing date the exhibits will be used at.
  2. The description list must numerically identify each exhibit, along with a brief description of each exhibit attached to it.  (i.e. #1 Tax Returns for 2019, #2 Photo of living room furniture, #3 Pay Stubs for January 2021)
  3. Each exhibit behind the description list must be clearly defined and separated from other submitted exhibits, either stapled together and/or adjoined by paper clips, or behind a separate sheet of paper listing the corresponding exhibit number.  Clearly identifying and separating your exhibits will reduce any confusion as to what exhibits belong to one another.   For example, if you are submitting 5 separate documents to support your income, each document should be separated to avoid a page of your Tax Returns being attached to an Affidavit regarding your income.   Each exhibit must be numbered and in the correct order as listed on the description list.
  4. Exhibits can only be submitted and accepted at the Florence Office location.  Our Satellite locations cannot accept exhibits.
    The physical address is:
    Pinal County Justice Complex
    971 N. Jason Lopez Circle Bldg. A
    Florence, AZ 85132
  5. Exhibits may also be mailed to our Florence Office.
    The mailing address is:
    Clerk of the Superior Court
    Exhibit Clerk
    P.O. Box 2730
    Florence, AZ 8132
    • Exhibits submitted by mail not complying with procedure will be returned.
  6. Pinal County Superior Court currently provides an exhibit description list with detailed instructions. Access the COSC Exhibit List (DOC).

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1. I have exhibits for my trial and/or hearing, how do I submit them to the court?
2. How many exhibits can I submit and is there a time frame?
3. When I arrive to the Florence Office to submit my exhibit(s), where do I go?