How soon after my divorce is final can I get married again?

There is no waiting period in Arizona.

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1. We don’t want to be married anymore. If our marriage license was never recorded do we still have to file for a divorce? Who would know we are married if there is no record?
2. How do I file a divorce without an attorney?
3. How much does it cost to file for a divorce?
4. Do both parties have to sign the divorce papers?
5. What are the steps involved in filing a divorce?
6. How do I file for legal separation?
7. How do I file for an annulment?
8. What do I do when I don't know where the other person is to serve him/her?
9. I just got served with divorce papers. What do I do?
10. I was served with divorce papers on June 3. Exactly how many days do I have to respond?
11. I got a notice stating that my case has been placed on the inactive calendar. What am I supposed to do now?
12. I have just moved, how can I update my address with the Court?
13. How soon after my divorce is final can I get married again?
14. My ex is not complying with the decree. How do I make my ex comply?
15. I want to see my child more than the old court order allows. How do I get more time with my child?
16. My ex has custody of our child. I have our child for parenting time, but the child does not want to go back to my ex. Does our child have to go back?
17. I am supposed to pick up my kids this weekend, but my ex says I won’t be allowed to have them. Can the court make my ex give me the kids?
18. I want to know if the judge will read a text message on my phone and listen to a voice mail. This is evidence that my ex is denying me parenting time. I need to know this before the hearing that is cu
19. When can I get an emergency Court order for custody of my child?
20. Will I get to talk to the judge about my emergency petition for custody?
21. If my ex and I were never married does the mother automatically have custody of the children?
22. Where can I get help completing the Parent’s Worksheet to establish or modify a child support order?
23. I've been ordered to take a Parent Education Class, how do I register and pay?