What is Conciliation Court?

Family Services of the Conciliation Court was instituted in Arizona in 1962, initially to provide counseling when couples wanted to consider reconciliation instead of getting divorced. Conciliation Court now also provides mediation so couples may separate or divorce without conflict, as well as Family Assessments, Child Interviews, Parent Coordination, Parent Education, Early Resolution Conferences and Same Day Resolution.

ARS 25-381.01 says “The mission of Conciliation Court is to promote the public welfare by preserving, promoting and protecting family life and the institution of matrimony; to protect the rights of children and to provide means for the reconciliation of spouses and the amicable settlement of domestic and family controversies.”

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1. What is Conciliation Court?
2. On the Court Petition/Response, it says “We have tried to resolve our problems through Conciliation Services or going to Conciliation Services would not work.” What does that mean?
3. I’ve been a parent for many years. Why do I have to take a Parent Education class?
4. Why do we have to go to mediation? What is mediation?
5. What is confidentiality and what Conciliation Court services are not confidential?
6. What is informed consent?
7. What does the court, the Judge or Conciliation Court mean by “the best interest of the child”?
8. What is the role of attorneys in mediation or evaluative services (Same Day Resolution, Family Assessment or Expedited Services)?
9. Am I eligible for the Decree Assistance Project?