Why do we have to go to mediation? What is mediation?

In Pinal County, there is an expectation of mandatory mediation in all cases involving children. Parties may request mediation with an online form or by calling 520-866-5760. In mediation, parties - usually parents, but occasionally grandparents or other family members –have a conversation with the guidance of an impartial mediator about parenting time arrangements. In mediation, plans for parenting are made by the parties, not by the Judge or mediator. Mediation is a confidential process, except when there are allegations of child abuse or neglect or threats to harm one’s self or another. Mediators are mandatory reporters. Mediators do not provide legal advice or make recommendations.

Family Law Rules for Pinal County, Rule 4.2 a states, “All domestic relations actions which involve a controversy over custody and visitation (parenting time and legal decision-making) of minor children shall be subject to mediation regarding such issues.” Also see Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, Rule 66, 67 and 68.

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4. Why do we have to go to mediation? What is mediation?
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