How do I sign up/modify the mandatory electronic payment card or direct deposit?

The Support Clearinghouse will only issue two (2) live checks to the Custodial parent.

If the Custodial parent does not sign up for an electronic payment card (EPC) or direct deposit after two (2) live checks have been issued, the Support Clearinghouse will automatically send out a “Way2Go” electronic payment card to the address of record.  Activate your card immediately upon receipt.

To sign up for free text and e-mail alerts, or to view frequently asked questions, or call 833-915-4041.

(The Clerk of the Superior Court has no affiliation with the electronic payment card and is not responsible for any fees associated with the use of the card.)

Direct Deposit

If you choose to have your support payments received by direct deposit you must check the box on the form. You cannot have a card and direct deposit.

You must fill out and submit the Electronic Payment Authorization/Direct Deposit Form (PDF) to the Clerk of the Superior Court Support Department along with a voided check and/or letter from your banking institution with your name, your account number and routing number.  Payments can be deposited in your checking or savings account.

Note: Change of Address (PDF) must be in writing. You must notify the Clerk within 10 days. The Clerk of Superior Court staff cannot accept address updates over the phone.

Modify Electronic Payment Card or Direct Deposit

You must complete a new Electronic Payment Authorization/Direct Deposit Form (PDF).

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing.  Do not change your account or cancel your card until payments have applied to your new account or you have activated your new card.  (If your card has been lost or stolen, contact immediately).

Important: If your case is enforced by the Department of Child Support Services you can print out the form; however you will need to mail the completed form with all required documentation to:

AZ Support Distribution Unit
Attention: EPC Unit
PO Box 36626
Phoenix, Arizona  85067-6626

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