What is the Support Payment Clearinghouse and what is the address to mail payments?

Effective December 1, 1998, unless the court has ordered otherwise, all support payments are made payable and processed by the Support Clearinghouse.

The Support Payment Clearinghouse receives and disburses all monies, including fees and costs associated with support and maintenance payments.

The Support Payment Clearinghouse does not enforce support payments.

Please contact the Support Payment Clearinghouse by email at [email protected]

Note: You will need your ATLAS case number available when contacting the Support Payment Clearinghouse automated phone system. Please contact your local Clerk’s Office for your ATLAS number or your case worker at the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS).


If you are self-employed and/or do not have a court ordered Income Withholding Order through your employer and/or are waiting for your employer to process the Income Withholding Order, you must mail your payments to the Support Payment Clearinghouse:

Support Payment Clearinghouse
PO Box 52107
Phoenix, Arizona 85072-2107

Checks and/or Money Orders are made payable to the Support Clearinghouse and must include the ATLAS number.

If you need your ATLAS number and your support and/or maintenance case is through Pinal County you can contact the Support Department at 520-866-5321.

(Related A.R.S. §25-510 and §46-411).

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