Will I be given breaks and a meal period?

The Judge will offer all jurors breaks and a meal period during selection and trials. Judges usually give a one (1) hour meal period, however, the Judge determines the length of each break and meal period.

The Superior Courthouse does not have a cafeteria. Vending machines are available in the juror lounge. You will need to bring change for the vending machines; change is not available anywhere within the Courthouse or you may use your Debit Card. Jurors may bring their own snacks and/or lunch. There is a refrigerator, freezer and microwave for juror use. The Jury Department offers complimentary coffee.

When released for lunch you may either utilize the juror lounge or venture into town for your meal period.

The Jury Department now offers Netflix for your entertainment. If your group of jurors is given an extended break or meal period and you would like to watch a Movie, please see jury staff. Staff will only play Movies upon request.

The COSC does not endorse or promote any of the following businesses.

Local Restaurants

  • A & M Italian Restaurant
    445 W Highway 287
    Phone: 520-868-0170
  • Burger King
    80 W Highway 287
    Phone: 520-868-3880
    Fast Food
  • Eugene & Kim's Place
    199 E Butte Avenue
    Phone: 520-868-9380
  • Florence Café
    495 N Pinal Parkway Avenue
    Suite 102
    Phone: 520-868-8058
  • Florence Fudge Co.
    440 N Main Street
    Phone: 520-424-6514
  • Hong Kong Restaurant
    100 S Pinal Parkway
    Phone: 520-868-3388
    Chinese Food
  • Jalapeno’s Restaurant
    981 S Main Street
    Phone: 520-868-8986
    Mexican Food
  • L & B Inn
    695 S Main Street
    Phone: 520-868-9981
    Mexican/American Food
  • McDonald's
    801 N Hwy 79
    Phone: 520-868-8040
  • Mount Athos Restaurant
    444 N Pinal Parkway
    Phone: 520-868-0735
  • Old Pueblo
    505 Main Street
    Phone: 520-868-4784
    Mexican/American Food
  • Sonic Drive-In
    495 N Pinal Parkway Suite 107
    Phone: 520-868-0266
    Fast Food
  • Subway
    Main Street
    Phone: 520-868-8199
  • Taco Bell
    558 N Pinal Parkway Avenue
    Phone: 520-868-8471
    Mexican Food
  • Pantry Cafe
    350 N Main Street
    Phone: 541-480-6381

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