What are valid reasons to be excused?


If you are 75 or older, you must provide a copy of your current driver’s license or birth certificate. This can be emailed to the Jury Department.

Moved or Live Outside of Pinal County

If you no longer live in Pinal County, provide proof of residency such as a valid driver’s license, utility bill, lease agreement or advertising material; anything that lists your name and current address. This can be emailed to the Jury Department

Full Time College Student 

If you are a full time student or are a student living outside of Pinal County during the school year, you may include a copy of your class schedule, a note from the college stating your full time enrollment, or verification of your residence outside of Pinal County. This can be emailed to the Jury Department.

Felony Conviction 

If you were convicted of a felony and your civil rights were not restored, provide proof of felony conviction. This can be emailed to [email protected]. For verification that your civil rights have or have not been restored, you must contact the court where you received the felony conviction.

Law Enforcement

If you do or have worked for a law enforcement agency, but are not or no longer an Arizona Post Certified Peace Officer, you may still be eligible to be a juror.  Working in a law enforcement agency doesn’t exclude you from being eligible; you must be a Certified Peace Officer to be exempt. If you are Arizona Post Certified, provide a copy of your Post Certification or a letter from your current employer on company letterhead verifying your employment. This can be emailed to the Jury Department.

Medical/Health Condition

If you have a medical/health issue that will prevent you from serving on a jury, provide a note from your treating physician, stating your inability to serve and the length of time that you will not be able to serve. This can be emailed to the Jury Department. (Medical Excuse Form (PDF))


If you are the sole caregiver of a person with a medical condition, you must provide a letter from the treating physician, stating the condition and your inability to serve due to caring for that person. This can be emailed to the Jury Department


If you are the sole care provider of your child/children or you are a daycare provider, you must provide a notarized statement with an explanation of your circumstances or a notarized statement from the parents for which you provide daycare services, the statement should indicate that there is no substitute care and would cause a hardship to seek substitute care. This can be emailed to the Jury Department.

Planned Trips/Vacations

If you have planned a trip or vacation, you must provide verification of your departure/return date, such as, flight itinerary, hotel reservations, rental car agreement etc. This can be emailed to the Jury Department.

If you are unable to email, you may fax it to 520-866-5313.

The jury department may not be able to excuse you for the following reasons. Financial hardship, Employment hardship (provide a statement on company letterhead from the employer) or Transportation difficulties (a mileage check is provided to assist with costs). If documentation cannot be provided in advance, you will need to appear for the selection process and speak with the Judge to be excused.

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