I have received a jury summons, what is my next step?


Failure to report for jury duty could result in a fine – ARS 21-223

The Night Before

Please make sure to note the date, time and location of the summons. You must call 1-800-454-2979, after 6 pm the night before you are scheduled to appear. The recorded message will update any changes in reporting dates and times. The message will identify jurors by group number. Note your group number before making the call. Please listen to the entire recording.

If your group number has been released, you may receive another summons. Your services are not considered “complete” until you have appeared at the Court location indicated on your summons and have gone through the entire selection process. Important – Please check your summons for location. You may be required to appear at one of the Justice Court locations.

The Day of Selection

What to expect when you arrive at the Courthouse


Parking is available in the lot directly across the street from the Superior Court, Building A. This is the four (4) story building as you enter the Justice Complex.


There is a security system in place; you are required to pass through the metal detector. No weapons are allowed. Court Security will search you and your belongings. Small pocketknives, large metal scissors and long metal knitting needles are considered weapons. Please leave those items at home.

Jury Department

The Jury Department is located on the first floor in Building A, through the first set of double doors to your right. When entering the Jury Department, please have the Jury Summons and Online Biographical form ready (if available). If you are unable to bring the Biographical form one will be provided for you.

(Arrive prepared. Download the Fillable Biographical Form (PDF).)

You will be greeted by a Jury staff member that will review the Biographical form and provide you with further instructions. Each juror will be directed to one of our three Electronic Kiosks located directly to the right of the entrance, once you step to the Kiosk you will scan in the juror barcode located at the upper right hand corner of the Summons. Prospective Jurors will Confirm the Juror information on the Check-In screen, once you are successfully checked in please have a seat and wait for Juror Orientation to begin. Juror Orientation begins at 8:30.

If you were provided with the Biographical form to fill out, once completed, you will return the clipboard and pen to the baskets on the table in front of the wall of windows and your form to the designated bins located at the front jury counter. These bins are designated by the first letter of your last name, A through L or M through Z.

After you have completed and returned your form to the front Jury Counter, please take a seat towards the front of the Jury Assembly Room you will be given a brief orientation which includes a video and additional information will be given by our court staff.  (Juror Orientation Video) The introduction of the video is delivered by Arizona Supreme Court, Chief Justice Scott Bales.

Once you have completed the orientation, the Jury Staff will escort you to your perspective courtroom at which time the Judge will provide you with further information regarding the case. Once this has taken place you will be given an opportunity to explain any hardship that the length of the trial may cause you. The Judge is the only authority who can excuse you.

Attire for Jurors

Shorts, tank or halter-tops and uniforms are not considered appropriate attire for jurors. (No badges, ID’s, PPE or weapons). If you wear those items, you will be required to return home and change your clothing at your expense; you will not be paid if you are wearing inappropriate attire. You may want to dress in layers due to the varying temperatures within the courthouse.

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