We Do Not Accept Payments for the following:

• Traffic Tickets -       You must contact the court in the city where the ticket was


• Criminal Diversion - You must contact the Pinal County Attorney's Office at


Payments We Accept:

Financial Obligation / Collections Unit

Child Support Clearinghouse

Copies of Court Records

Information about Collection Efforts

Once you are past due on your court ordered obligations, the Clerk of the Superior Court’s collections efforts are, but not limited to:


30 Days Past Due:

1.  Collection Letter and/or collection call generated from the Clerk of the

Superior Court

A collection letter and/or call will be made to the address or phone number that is in the Clerk’s case management system. Therefore, if the debtor has not maintained up to date contact information with the Clerk of the Superior court, they may not receive this initial notice and are still subject to the further collection efforts outlined below.


2.  Notification to the Adult Probation Department

If you are currently on probation, non-payment of fees associated with your terms of probation is a Probation Violation. Your Probation Officer will immediately be notified that you are out of compliance.


60 Days Past Due:

1.  An Order to Show Cause being issued

Which will require the debtor to appear in court before a Superior Court Judge to explain your failure to make a payment.


2.  Entry into the Tax Intercept Program (TIP)

Per A.R.S. § 42-1122 and A.R.S. § 5-575 Entry into the TIP program will intercept any state refunds or lottery winnings you would be expecting and route them directly to the Clerk’s Office to satisfy any outstanding debts. The Clerk of the Superior Court can utilize National Public Records Search programs offered to us by the Administrative Office of the Courts to locate and verify debtor’s social security numbers for entry into the TIP program. Entry into TIP will add a $30.00 late fee to your balance.


90 Days Past Due:

1.  Entry into the Fines/Fees and Restitution Enforcement Program (FARE)

These enhanced services include, but are not limited to, non-renewal of Arizona vehicle registration for persons who owe Arizona courts traffic fines/fees/restitution through the Traffic Ticket Enforcement Assistance Program (TTEAP) and professional collection agency services which include letters and telephone calls. Entry into FARE will immediately enter a $49.00 collection fee and 19.5% of the total balance owed added to your current balance owed.


Once you have reached this point in the collection process, you cannot be removed from FARE and the additional fees cannot be removed.



At the end of Probation Term or release from the Department of Corrections:

1.  A Criminal Restitution Order (CRO) being entered into your case record

A CRO is recorded with the Pinal County Treasurer. This judgement acts as a lien on your credit and will come up as an outstanding obligation when you attempt to make purchases or obtain services that require a credit check. Per A.R.S. § 13-805 At the time the defendant completes the defendant’s period of probation or the defendant’s sentence or the defendant’s absconds from probation or the defendant’s sentence, the court shall enter both: a Criminal Restitution Order in favor of the state for the unpaid balance of any  fines, costs, incarceration costs, fees surcharges or assessments imposed and a Criminal Restitution Order in favor of each person entitled to restitution for any unpaid balance of restitution ordered. A Criminal Restitution Order never expires, it can only be satisfied upon receiving payment in full for any outstanding balance.


2.  Addition of interest to your balance owed

Interest will be ordered on the Criminal Restitution Order entered into your case record. The amount of interest varies from case to case based upon your payment history. The maximum allowable interest is 10% per year pursuant to A.R.S. § 44-1201.